northwest edge

northwest edgeDEVIANT FICTIONS (two girls, 2000)

When all is said and done, here’s the book to blame, the one that started it all.

An anthology of the most driven and daring Northwest authors, Northwest Edge: Deviant Fictions represents works by Chuck Palahniuk, Diana Abu-Jaber, David Shields, Lance Olsen, Stacey Levine, Steven Shaviro, Doug Nufer, and more. Edited by Lidia Yuknavitch and L.N. Pearson.

“Stories that hold questions about race, class, gender, sexuality, and violence open as a hand. Bravo. Refreshingly wicked.” -Small Press News

“[T]he postmodern dream of style, excess, and bad behavior lives again in Northwest Edge. The characters in these stories live among the undead, compelled to reenact scenes from other stories, compelled to repeat scripts that they did not write.” –The Stranger

northwest edge 2


From the fringes of the Pacific Northwest’s salmon canneries, potato fields, and tree farms the literary proletariat is calling a spade a spade. Inspired by the zip-lip, search and siezure, police state antics of the current administration, Northwest Edge: Fictions of Mass Destruction refuses to settle for memoirs of life set against a Charlie Russell painting or tired references to tree spirits.

Edited by Andy Mingo, Trevor Dodge, and Lidia Yuknavitch, the book showcases works by established Northwest authors such as Jeanne Heuving, David Shields, Rebecca Brown, Steven Shaviro, Shamina Senaratne, Billie Livingston, Caitlin Sullivan, Lance Olsen, Doug Nufer, and Leon Johnson alongside new emerging voices such as Mia DeBono, Fern Capella, Grant Olsen, and Shannon Densmore.

northwest edge: fictions of mass destruction smacks less of academia and more of Armageddon; each work included in the anthology chronicles the character’s own mini-apocalypse. Here you see more artistic experiments: a piece that stylistically imitates a tickertape; something that might be a short story, predominantly composed of white space; and highly disturbing photographs (retouched?) of nude bodies’ scars and stitches. Be ready for sexual content, drug references and completely alternative-sentence constructions.” –The Seattle Times

THE END OF REALITY (Chiasmus, 2006)

northwest edge iii: the end of reality features a compilation video and film DVD of Northwest filmmakers in an effort to cross the literary with the visual. Language breaks down and re-organizes itself, stories pulse plot open, images get it on with words. Edited by Trevor Dodge, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Andy Mingo.

· Cover digital Art from Lanny Quarles
· Art and Design from Andi Olsen and Leon Johnson
· Edge writers from Canada, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, including Rebecca Brown, Lance Olsen, Stacey Levine, David Shields, Tiffany Lee Brown, Monica Drake, Kevin Sampsell, Alvin Greenberg, Zack Wentz, Zoe Trope, Mike Daily, and Lisa Newman
· Portland video and filmmakers such as Karl Lind, Holly Andres, Grace Carter, Leon Johnson, Morgan Hobart, Gideon Klindt, Nicole Linde and Jesse England


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