everyone i know lives on roads

Everyone I Know
Lives On Roads


september 2006
Chiasmus Press
available now at spd, powell’s books and amazon.com

Everyone I Know Lives On Roads examines the accident scene of identity, fate and language, measuring the skidmarks for traces of our Oedipal selves and chalking out the metaphorical places where these three paths converge. Drivers, passengers and fellow road ragers along the way include Kathy Acker, Alan Greenspan, Jacques Derrida, Ayn Rand, Michael Alig and James Joyce, with Dan Rather phoning in the traffic report every 20 minutes.

“Though literature is usually the most conservative of art forms, a book sometimes appears that offers exciting, new possibilities. Trevor Dodge’s Everyone I Know Lives On Roads is one of them: with the smooth surfaces found in new-painting, with the understated riffs of new-music, the stories collected here are as lean as they are savvy, as savvy as they are funny, as funny as they are connected to the thought, life and paths of our present moment.” —Steve Tomasula, author of The Book of Portraiture and VAS: An Opera in Flatland

Trevor Dodge is the author of Yellow #10 (Eraserhead, 2003) and co-editor of the Northwest Edge anthology series. His work has appeared in Fiction International, Gargoyle, Plazm, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Black Ice, and Rain Taxi. He lives and teaches in Portland, Oregon.


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