Born amidst the sad cartoon of Nixon’s America and Evel Knievel’s ill-fated jump across the Snake River Canyon, Trevor Dodge spent big chunks of his childhood listening to Jackson 5 and Journey records. Everything was going fine until his next door neighbor brought over Queen’s News of the World album; the cover art depicted a massive robot squishing people between its fingers. Needless to say, twenty years of nightmares started immediately.

He has taught courses in fiction writing, comics and game studies at Illinois State University, Boise State University, Pacific Northwest College of Art and Clackamas Community College. He also co-hosts the weekly game culture podcast First Wall Rebate, and is managing editor for Chiasmus Press. His first novella, Yellow #10, was published in 2003; a collection of short fiction, Everyone I Know Lives On Roads, followed in 2006.

Click here to read an interview. And here to visit my author page at Goodreads.

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