This Week in Tweets

  • I subscribed to ShaunHuston's channel on YouTube #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — 24-Hour Comics Day at Cosmic Monkey #
  • Blazers vs The LeBrons on local TV tonight. They just showed Paul Allen courtside…cancer is an effing mother, no matter how rich/poor u r #
  • 20 points for LeBron in the first quarter, 8 for 8. Gonna be a long night for the Blazers. #
  • chatting with my lady, who is maxing in Manhattan this week #
  • Michelle was in NYC barely 90 minutes before heading to Midtown Comics. way to rub it in. #
  • 4 technicals on the #Celtics within 45 seconds + Doc Rivers ejected. and just like that, David Stern's goonsquad ruins another #NBA game. #
  • dinner 2nite: chips + salsa with watermelon PopRocks for dessert. Jonny V should be over any time now to play NES to make the eve complete #
  • NBA arena in Memphis was just evacuated during a live game due to an "emergency." What's going on there? #NBA #
  • finally cleaning my office on campus. what a shameful mess. #
  • Michelle is solo at the Cs game in New Jersey with seats in the lower bowl. go Cs! go Frank! #
  • awesome lunch with @brettwarnock today. dude makes a killer soyburger taco salad! #

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