The Great Gibbons Geekout

Yesterday, due in large part to the grace of one Diana Schutz, Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons beamed into my intro to lit theory class at Clackamas CC. We set up a Skype videochat with him, clicked a couple of times on the mouse to get things started, and the next I knew, an entire hour had dissolved into an energetic, student-centered Q&A session.

I wasn’t able to videocapture the call, but I did manage (with Dave’s assistance and blessings) to get an excellent audio rip of our conversation. Here is the link to download an MP3 version.

To say the experience was one of the highlights of both my teaching career and my personal journey through this life as an unapologetic geek would be an egregious understatement. As would be to describe Dave as nothing less than tremendously gracious, whipcrackingly smart and devastatingly beautiful. (Yes, I did say beautiful, and if you listen to the conversation…well…just listen to the conversation.)


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