This Week in Tweets

  • Barry Manilow's version of "Unchained Melody" is 110% craptastic. Thanks for ruining it, grocery store Muzak #
  • totally pumped to see my &NOW peeps in Buffalo tomorrow. @firstwallrebate 's conference debut! #
  • alright Buffalo, let's get it on. #andnow #
  • Bad news in Newark: flight to B-lo delayed. Good news: found notebook. That's a wash. Watch out &NOWers…I can almost smell you now #andnow #
  • Pretty sure I just passed Liz Phair in the Newark airport. She and two others packing six guitars. Pretty pretty pretty sure #
  • number of times last questioner in the last panel of the day used the word "ossification" in asking his question? Yep. Seven. #andnow #
  • first full day in Buffalo revving up. FWR's world premiere of with @shanehinton and @shawnr at &NOW #andnow #
  • Steve Tomasula blowing everyone's minds, teasing us timidly out into the future, into the burning light. Again and again and again. #andnow #
  • &NOW Buffalo 2009 photoset on flickr: #andnow #
  • RT @firstwallrebate: FWR Episode 026: Racing the Bogost just went up at . #
  • Chiasmus Press reading on deck: Lily Hoang, Kate Zambreno, Davis Schneiderman, yours truly. In that order, sans the latter (?) #andnow #
  • Vanessa, Lily, Rob, Lance performing Lidia's "Voices" at &now #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Lidia Yuknavitch: "Voices" #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Vanessa Place at &NOW (excerpt) #
  • and now: I take my leave, Buffalo. stay classy. #andnow #
  • back in Portland! now with more rain! #
  • I have not stood up for almost six hours. Bicoastal flights suck #

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