This Week in Tweets

  • RIP Jim Carroll #
  • RT @firstwallrebate: FWR Episode 025: Erik Loyer Plays Us Like a Fiddle just went up at #
  • yet again the Buffalo Bills demonstrate why they are the Buffalo Bills #
  • Tom Brady = stone cold assassin #
  • have I succeeded as a parent when at bedtime the 6 year old yells "TURN IT DOWN DAD!!" from his room b/c the game I'm playing is too loud? #
  • RT @leighwalton: in stores TODAY – James Kochalka's JOHNNY BOO AND THE HAPPY APPLES! 6pp preview: Johnny Boo FTW! #
  • getting sold on SoftChalk's amazing "text popper" technology!….[on=hover] anyone? #
  • RT @ibogost: Ayn Rand, like Souxie and the Banshees, ought to be abandoned in high school. #
  • hi early AM kidney stone #

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