This Week in Tweets

  • @shawnr welcome to Portland! in reply to shawnr #
  • Flagyl = The Devil help #
  • @ThatKevinSmith who is publishing your Smodbook? #
  • @cksample give yahoo hosting a shot. I have 3 separate accounts, never a problem with downtime or speed in 3 years #
  • @cksample did you have to upgrade both computers to iTunes 9 to get those 500 songs to transfer? or just one? in reply to cksample #
  • bashing Yahoo is so passé. fight the real enemies, folks. still plenty of 'em out there. #
  • "Being president is easy. You just aim the army and shoot." – Homer Simpson #
  • RT @vceichhorn: "health care now does not work so we should give it a shit and lynch Obama if it doesn't work." #yetanotherjackassremark #
  • you know what? the Republicans win on health care. everyone tune in the cherubic @AdamRichman on Man v. Food now and just be done with it #
  • @jonvanausdeln yeah, almost certainly. world's largest underground parking garage and all. 😉 in reply to jonvanausdeln #
  • My favorite Michael Jordan era was his stint with the Wizards. CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK #
  • playing Batman Arkham Asylum with the boys. game is rockin #
  • @swactionnews Super Star Wars! YES in reply to swactionnews #

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