This Week in Tweets

  • Dear Hillsboro Air Show: enough already! I'm already at 200% capacity on my freedom fries and Lee Greenwood quotients just living here #
  • RT @BRIANMBENDIS: congrats to bambi's mother on joining the cast of marvel zombies 🙂 #
  • watching Jordan's first game on NBA classics: sloppy player; kid constantly looks lost and teammates rarely pass to him. Soooo satisfying #
  • I'm apparently finished in Fallout 3 now. Thanks, Doctor Li glitch. 😦 #
  • is this apple *supposed* to taste like gasoline? #
  • @baronraymondo haven't played any of the dlc…guess I'll give it a shot now, eh? in reply to baronraymondo #
  • RT @leighwalton: Happy birthday to @brettwarnock! Everybody congratulate the old man. #
  • back on the antibiotics. fuck. #
  • @jimofbeam nada. #
  • lunch vs nap. choose. #
  • @BRIANMBENDIS never ever? Umm, @warrenellis? 😉 in reply to BRIANMBENDIS #
  • @warrenellis no one, sir. i'm just teasin the Old Bastard. (btw, much thanks for the Manifesto from way back when!) in reply to warrenellis #
  • I was delighted to teach at Boise State, but I'll sure as hell never cheer their football team. GO DUCKS #
  • @jimofbeam I hoped you'd be proud in reply to jimofbeam #
  • Oregon's offense looks like an old Model T laboring to crank-start. maybe invest a little less time choosing sexy uniforms next year? #
  • @shawnr Portland is ready. Email me and we'll set it up! in reply to shawnr #

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