This Week in Tweets

  • taking in the Dead Weather showing Portland tonight with my boys. 8 year old's first rock concert….secret birthday surprise #
  • Jack White is in the hizz-ouse…and so is all his beautiful sonic equipment. #
  • @GrammarGirl film and publishing rights were traditionally handled separately by agents…today conglomerate media companies in both biz in reply to GrammarGirl #
  • cuts like a buffalo #
  • @shanehinton oh hell yes in reply to shanehinton #
  • leave me lying here cuz I don't wanna go #
  • in total awe of Bear Grylls, dude with serious survival skillz #
  • @shanehinton oh yeah I forgot to tell you that FiOS comes with Verizon's horrible customer service. My bad. in reply to shanehinton #
  • air show jets practicing over our neighborhood right now. deafening. frightful. #
  • @AndyMingo those aren't tourists running and riding bikes on the promenade. Those are the Hood to Coast rejects. in reply to AndyMingo #
  • @cksample snow leopard worth it so far? in reply to cksample #
  • @jimofbeam I'm right there with you in being clueless as to who DJ AM was. Now if we were talking about DJ Jazzy Jeff…..*sniff* in reply to jimofbeam #

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