This Week in Tweets

  • I discuss Dante’s Inferno, both epic poem & the video game, on Let’s Talk Lit podcast with @cksample: #
  • @RogerTravis I’m soooooo excited you’re doing a podcast. Is there an index page or RSS feed so I can subscribe? in reply to RogerTravis #
  • @RogerTravis yep! that did it. subscribing via iTunes now. thanks! in reply to RogerTravis #
  • has this been the NBA Finals with arguably the two softest teams in league history? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz #
  • @RogerTravis now that school is finally out, I look forward to playing with the VGHV on Thursday nights. what game for this week? in reply to RogerTravis #
  • RT @firstwallrebate: FWR Episode 022: Stephanie Rothenberg on Play as Digital Inquiry just went up at . #
  • @sportsguy33 will Kobe’s fake tears eclipse MJ’s? in reply to sportsguy33 #
  • RT @THE_REAL_SHAQ: Congratualtions kobe…Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now “Shaq how my ass taste ” #
  • Stern’s 6-year PR rehab of Nightmare Kobe is finally complete. can we get back to playing some fucking *basketball* now? #
  • @shanehinton that’s the FIOS for ya. πŸ˜‰ in reply to shanehinton #
  • why is some 12 year old kid accepting the Larry O’Brien trophy for the #Lakers? Worst. Acceptance Speech. Ever. #
  • Bill Russell is about to give the MVP trophy to Kobe??! Cue vomit. #
  • Hey Phil Jackson: I hope Bill Russell smacked that stupid hat off your head when he left the riser. #
  • @sportsguy33 your next column=dramatize Jeannie Buss handstitching that ridiculous hat for PJ while Lil Joey plays Hide The Thread in reply to sportsguy33 #
  • @sportsguy33 and but also: since KG dedicated last year’s title to ‘Sota, doesn’t that make #16 for LA? and Boston still queuing at same? in reply to sportsguy33 #
  • @ckonopka Tragic Johnson will still be on TV plenty. you know, Rent-A-Center in reply to ckonopka #
  • 3+ hours tonight formatting a conference proposal for my Joker/Marx/Adorno essay. hitting send……… #
  • Unemployment in Oregon hits all time high of 12.4 percent. (via @KGWNews) #
  • iPhone users: what’s the best protective case? 3GS will be here Friday morning and I want to be ready. #
  • @mrdurandpierre hahahaha thanks, Jeff! right back atcha πŸ˜‰ in reply to mrdurandpierre #
  • @case_mate i had C-M signature case for my iPhone 1.0. didn’t protect top of the phone. leather separated, too. looking at other brands srry in reply to case_mate #
  • @10rdBen @brainygamer knock it off, you two. you’re making me pine for FC2 again, just when I had finally turned full attention to Fallout 3 in reply to 10rdBen #
  • RT@infinitesummer: If anyone has Infinite Jest on the Kindle and a desire to give Infinite Summer a hand, reply to this tweet. #
  • placed iPhone order last night, already “prepared for shipment” on Apple website. the countdown has officially begun. #
  • @DaveMcKean i have nightmares about losing my phone all the time. sorry to hear it actually happened to you. 😦 in reply to DaveMcKean #
  • RT @cksample: second part of my discussion with @trevordodge on Let’s Talk Lit! is now live #
  • @shoinan good to see you back, sir. welcome. in reply to shoinan #
  • @SlamVanderhuge be sure to let us know what to get a wookiee for Xmas (when he already owns a comb) in reply to SlamVanderhuge #
  • please please please, #iPhone software 3.0, allow me to delete the Stocks app. have never used it, never will. sorta like the market itself. #
  • @brokencosmos how? do tell. in reply to brokencosmos #
  • @brokencosmos yeah, it’s one of those Elliot Ness apps: untouchable in reply to brokencosmos #
  • @swactionnews rumor has the 3.0 release at noon CST in reply to swactionnews #
  • @shoinan leave it to #BigRedPotion to define “normalcy” as Circle of Death. I for one expect no less. πŸ˜‰ in reply to shoinan #
  • @shoinan you’d better call dibs on Kirk before Joe does. what are you waiting for, man?! in reply to shoinan #
  • @cksample both of mine are still “Prepared to Ship”. Apple is throttling the delivery date for the 19th anyway, so I’m not worried in reply to cksample #
  • @scottmccloud circus peanuts = orange, oversized candy peanuts? right? in reply to scottmccloud #
  • @scottmccloud +1 on Circus Peanuts i love them silly. (nice to meet you here, btw I’ve taught your U.C. book in my comics classes for years) in reply to scottmccloud #
  • installing iPhone 3.0 firmware #
  • downloaded #iPhone3.0 update in two minutes flat. how I love thee, FIOS #
  • wow….voice recorder app in 3.0 iphone software works great, especially recording with headset. truly mobile podcasting now. #
  • @zumpiez if you ran a minijack splitter, I don’t see why not in reply to zumpiez #
  • @zumpiez get one of those Belkin star-shaped splitters and hook up five headsets, yeah? in reply to zumpiez #
  • cool tools for listening to podcasts in iphone 3.0 software: listen at 1.5x or 2x speed, rewind 30 seconds, email direct link to show. neat. #
  • RT @paulpierce34: Lakers vs orlando. Looked like a german sherperd vs a poodle that’s ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10 #
  • @phil_hellmuth ugh…not even one of fifty pots? god, that’s poker for you. good luck on the next one, sir in reply to phil_hellmuth #
  • astute analysis: “the things that are fucking awesome are really fucking awesome.” thanks, garnet lee! #
  • about ready to blow the 12 year old’s mind with Terminator 2. he’ll never be the same. #
  • @lostcheerio my thoughts exactly on that litigious prig J.D. Salinger. Thievy McStealery, indeed. in reply to lostcheerio #
  • @aandnota thanks for listening to FWR, sir. let us know what you liked, also what you didn’t. in reply to aandnota #
  • RT @wpwend42: Judith Butler getting 1.5 Million (!) to create Critical Theory institute about war: #
  • @cksample best iPhone game = Fieldrunners. By a mile. in reply to cksample #
  • @trixie360 max headroom in reply to trixie360 #
  • @trixie360 timex in reply to trixie360 #
  • @lostcheerio either that or I just received one. πŸ˜‰ in reply to lostcheerio #
  • Dear stomach: I know you hate me this week but please let me have this ONE bowl of Lucky Charms. Not asking for much here. Give me a break. #
  • did I REALLY just see a TV commercial for holy shit!!! #
  • iPhone 1.0 and I are spending our last few hours together. (cue some sappy Boyz II Men song here) #
  • still waiting on iPhone delivery from FedEx. firing up Terminator 3 to commemorate Rise of the Machines #
  • @Matt_Grigsby yes. unless they are blocking you, @ should get your message in front of them in reply to Matt_Grigsby #
  • Hey FedEx, can I PLEASE have my iPhone today? you’ve had it on your truck since 7 am, yeah? #
  • …and just like that, FedEx delivered em! should have done that hours ago #
  • RT @RogerTravis: If you haven’t heard, and care about freedom, know that the name of the girl killed today as the world watched was Neda. #

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