This Week in Tweets

  • @shoinan thanks for having me on #BigRedPotion. that was a lot of fun in reply to shoinan #
  • fighting with Blackboard tonight. and totally losing. #
  • @zumpiez you are absolutely right. I have always hated it. in reply to zumpiez #
  • Dear August weather: it’s just barely June in the PacNW. Give it a rest already. #
  • late night grading with Napoleon Dynamite on in the background. flippin’ sweet. #
  • saw Pixar’s UP with The Fam. part of P’s success = devastating first 15 min followed by an hour of repair + catharsis. well done, per usual. #
  • students holding virtual prayer circle for the immaculate return of corrupted data on faulty hard drive. #
  • Retweeting @sportsguy33: When “Twilight” sweeps your annual Movie Awards show, it’s a good sign that you’re doing something horribly wrong. #
  • @CorvusE good on ya for refusing to buy Microsoft’s $99 adapter. fight the power! 🙂 in reply to CorvusE #
  • @CorvusE exactly. that adapter should be $20, tops. in reply to CorvusE #
  • @SpearsNBA “celtics and lakers both practice…today”? I knew you were gifted, Marc, but this is truly remarkable. Go Cs! 🙂 #
  • @shawnr most definitely. the Everyone Gets An Orange Wedge approach is patronizing + unrealistic.. std tests are the fucking enemy. fight. in reply to shawnr #
  • @THE_REAL_SHAQ a lot of us non-Lakers/Rockets/Spurs fans have been burned too many times by Big Shot Bob to give him his due. in reply to THE_REAL_SHAQ #
  • today wrote long piece for @firstwallrebate, response to @leighalexander ‘s take on Dante’s Inferno. nearly 1900 words. going up tomorrow. #
  • @brainygamer yes, pretty please with sugar on top in reply to brainygamer #
  • @trent_reznor congrats, sir. that is huuuuge. in reply to trent_reznor #

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