This Week in Tweets

  • watching Robin Williams’ Popeye. spousal abuse and drunken fisticuffs were never so charming #
  • @THE_REAL_SHAQ is predicting a 30 point Orlando blowout over the #celtics tonight. what say you, @paulpierce34 ? #
  • Game 7. Let’s go #celtics #
  • Apparently the #celtics are betting the farm early on Rondo’s jumpshot. gods help us. #
  • lining up beers for the second half of this game: four…five…six…seven… #
  • that was a noble effort in the playoffs, #celtics. see you again in November. #
  • Retweeting @firstwallrebate: FWR Episode 021: @leighalexander . #
  • 20+ point asskicking in Game 7 for the #celtics at home. way to end the season, fellas! #
  • it’s official: #celtics . out . of . gas . #
  • and so the first procession to the Goodwill donation center is complete #
  • me: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my 5 yr old son: “a dad.” me: *melt* #
  • Tuesday night tee ball! you know how much I love this. #
  • 3 learjets just landed at Hillsboro airport in under 10 minutes. I’m guessing Nike VIPs. #
  • does Carmelo Anthony have an early birthday present for me? #
  • thanks everyone for the kind and sweet birthday messages! #
  • @jacko2323 welcome to the twitterverse #
  • @CorvusE fabulous news, sir. downloading soonly! in reply to CorvusE #
  • via USPS today: _Walking Dead Compendium_ & Harrigan/Wardip-Fruin’s _Third Person_. such lovely summer reading! #
  • @netwurker gloss away. that would be awesome. #
  • @leighalexander hey, me too on the EA Active. yr thoughts so far? “inline skating” is pretty lame, i think. in reply to leighalexander #
  • @jacko2323 clearly no Tommy Points for you tonight in reply to jacko2323 #
  • @brainygamer here’s the link to those Moleskine notebook covers: sry for long lag to reply…twittergurp? in reply to brainygamer #
  • still stunned George Karl didn’t find a way to lose that game tonight. next time, for sure. #
  • that was a hell of a shot #LeBron, but your team blew a 20 point lead & made those heroics necessary. didn’t know you played for the #Lakers #
  • Let’s go Cs, err, I mean Ns! #

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