This Week in Tweets

  • dear jj abrams: Trek is beautiful compelling & well-acted but your camera lens flares are giving me a seizure. yes, light refracts. move on. #
  • @jmechner wow! hi, jordan. an honor to meet you here on Twitter as I’ve long loved Prince of Persia. thank you for all the amazing work. #
  • thanks, @leighalexander for coming on @firstwallrebate with me, @shanehinton and @shawnr. easily the best 50 minutes of the day. #
  • @shoinan likewise: looking forward to the new ep of Big Red Potion, per usual in reply to shoinan #
  • @Shansky which one has Charlie Sheen again? that’s the one. in reply to Shansky #
  • Say goodnight to the bad guy. #
  • talking Grand Theft Auto, Scarface, Othello and No Country for Old Men in class today. after the mid-term smackdown, of course. #
  • tee ball conflicts with the Cs game yet again. coach missing…coincidence? #
  • Well that was a nice season now, Celtics. put together two wins back2back much lately? #
  • Tee ball still….sigh #
  • and yet again the #celtics make me eat my words. seconds, please. #
  • who’s up for more tee ball? me apparently #
  • Seriously, now….2 hour tee ball game on an effing Tuesday night?? sun is going down already #
  • final score from tee ball game: orange slices 0!! juice boxes 0! everybody wins and helicopter parents prouder than peacocks. good nite now #
  • proud new owner of a Super Nintendo 2! i can play all my garaged SNES carts again…just as soon as I figure out where the power light is #
  • mailman just delivered my new blank Moleskine notebook with gorgeous removable cover designed by @RyanBubnis totally sweet! #
  • umm yeah, #celtics ? we need more than 29 points in the second half please. especially on Sunday now. #
  • Peggle! iPhone! Goodbye Weekend! #
  • new Green Day album: download for $14.99 on iTunes vs. $4.99 on Amazon? WTF, Apple?? #
  • @turoczy what’s a Portland technorati like you messing around with Coors for anyway? our Twin Falls days are long gone, sir. 😉 in reply to turoczy #
  • @jimofbeam playing RE 4 right now for class…could easily be talked into 5. Trekless?! wanna bowl tomorrow & remedy that Trek deficiency? in reply to jimofbeam #
  • my PERS fund lost 27% value in 2008! Go go capitalism! #

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