This Week in Tweets

  • Cmon #celtics #
  • Good series, Chicago. Please go away now so I can sleep again. #celtics #
  • I just started playing Castle Crashers. #
  • @shanehinton Civ Rev. Let’s do it. in reply to shanehinton #
  • Dwight Howard is a punk-ass punk. get used to seeing that from me these next two weeks. #celtics #
  • @symitarnerd make sure to stop in at Dick’s Burgers, sir in reply to symitarnerd #
  • Get em, Marbury! #celtics #
  • I just started playing LEGO Batman: The Videogame. #
  • valiant effort, #celtics but there are no moral victories in the playoffs. i’m tired of watching you play from behind #
  • @brainygamer been there before, my friend. total bummer. in reply to brainygamer #
  • 2 hrs patching WoW tonight for 10-minute class tangent tomorrow. sigh. #
  • @shawnr FIOS, my man, FIOS. in reply to shawnr #
  • @qayne average 14 mbps down, 2 mbps up in reply to qayne #
  • kicking off the day with an hour-long commute, immediately followed by a grade dispute hearing. mulligan, please? #
  • @shanehinton heh…it’s not even high standards. more like “You’re an online student and you should have access to a computer….right??” in reply to shanehinton #
  • @shanehinton another instructor + I are starting a new college, where lessons are delivered via text message. books/texts…what’s the diff? in reply to shanehinton #
  • @shanehinton you totally get it. we’re hiring a Dean of Instruction for our new texting school. interested? in reply to shanehinton #
  • @shanehinton oh and I should probably mention we are hiring Prince as college chancellor. You already guessed that, though. in reply to shanehinton #
  • @jonvanausdeln time to pay for that sexy new campus and underground parking complex… in reply to jonvanausdeln #
  • downloading Win 7 RC1…let’s go, FIOS. show me what you’re made of. #
  • 1.6 GBs downloaded in 32 minutes… #
  • @qayne hate leads to the Dark Side. don’t be so quick to make the jump in reply to qayne #
  • 2.36 GB d/l of Win 7 RC1 finished now, a smidge under 45 minutes. not bad. not bad at all. #
  • burning the ISO now, will be installing to the MacBook via BootCamp shortly. flawless so far, Microsoft. nice job. #
  • Myst for iPhone. here we go all over again. #
  • @davidcarlton got pulled back into BioShock myself. still amazing and I’ve finished it twice in reply to davidcarlton #
  • @sportsguy33 did I not hear you clearly a few months back on the podcast when you said you’d never be on Twitter? welcome nonetheless sir 😉 in reply to sportsguy33 #
  • checklist for this PM: commute there, office hours, set DVR via iPhone, class, commute here, watch #celtics. allthewhile: rockin #9 jersey #
  • gotta teach a 4-hour class now. when i am finished, the #celtics better have put this game away. #
  • watching the 2nd half of last night’s #celtics game. Rondo’s dunk to cement triple-double = WOW WOW WOW #
  • amazing 3rd quarter last night by Mister House. EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE #celtics #
  • The Shins! Crystal Ballroom! Guest List! Woo-hoo! #
  • all tarted up for my date with Professor Montone + The Shins. pretty sure I’m going to have to put out. #
  • home now from The Shins show…funny how +++beers & an all access pass nearly had me waking up on the tour bus in SF tomorrow PM. gnite PDX! #
  • @10rdBen congrats on yr successful download sir in reply to 10rdBen #

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