This Week in Tweets

  • doubletree. stumptown. joker. let’s do this. #
  • RIP J.G. Ballard. the world continues to be an enormous novel, sir. yours. #
  • coffee and a lazy morning with my mom. perfect. #
  • Let’s go Cs #
  • RA-JON. RON-DO. #
  • Game. Series. Season. Over. #
  • Walter. Ray. Allen. FTW #
  • @jimofbeam forget gordon’s 42 points—check Rondos line, which included 16 assists 12 boards and 5 steals. all while playing on a flat tire in reply to jimofbeam #
  • dear creepy textbook rep: it’s not endearing you know the class i’m about to teach because you’re still distracting me from prepping for it #
  • @brainygamer yes. creepy buy-back guy came through last week, timing off as usual. perhaps that’s why he’s still the buy-back guy. in reply to brainygamer #
  • about to improv a lecture on PrinceofPersia, w/Sands of Time, Memento, 1001 Nights + Braid. J-Mechner, if you are out there: little help? 😉 #
  • sorry to see Mutombo’s career end that way, especially in Portland. #
  • @Metalvince already with the fat jokes, sir? i just started following you yesterday…man, you don’t waste any time cutting right to it 😉 in reply to Metalvince #
  • Brandon. Effin. Roy. #uprise #
  • from all the twittering, sounds like microsoft opened their new campus bldgs. didn’t they just lay off 5,000 people in January? #
  • @ncroal I love Trudeau’s work but dude did marry Jane Pauley, an old-school J-schooler. not at all surprising he’d say this. in reply to ncroal #
  • @CorvusE tearing you apart like a new emotion? in reply to CorvusE #
  • @shawnr @shanehinton Left 4 Dead! Left 4 Dead! in reply to shawnr #
  • another awesome half for Rondo. averaging a trip-dub for the series so far #
  • welcome back, Scal! first shot = a 3 #
  • @brokencosmos he totally beat Stringer Bell and David Foster Wallace. Incredible. in reply to brokencosmos #
  • just used the Amazon app’s “Remembers” feature on iPhone to successfully locate flushable toilet wipes 4 sale online. strangely reassuring. #
  • @paulpierce34 careful not to catch food poisoning, P2. The city us gunning for you after you destroyed the Bulls Thurs night in reply to paulpierce34 #
  • listening to latest ep of Big Red Potion. excellent per usual #

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