This Week in Tweets

  • joker presentation files for stumptown just about finished. gotta time and trim it now #
  • @lenahuxley small press book? in reply to lenahuxley #
  • @lenahuxley talk in terms of what you liked in the previous book and how it’s lacking in the new one. totally legit and allows you to praise in reply to lenahuxley #
  • digital pre-order of the new Silversun Pickups album is out a few hours early….niiiice #
  • Tuesday headache has become a ritual. so has Excedrine for supper. #
  • @jimlee00 I’m doing a laptop presentation on The Joker this weekend, wondering if I can use the image you posted earlier? in reply to jimlee00 #
  • overheard at lil league baseball practice: “we homeschool….I just love those Twilight books! didn’t get any homework done for five days!” #
  • @CorvusE I doubt it. Showed her my copy of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and I’m pretty sure she hissed at me. in reply to CorvusE #
  • @netwurker love your new avatar, mez! in reply to netwurker #
  • Dan Clowes and Dave Gibbons share the same birthday. and it’s today. #
  • latenight homework=prince of persia:sands of time. it’s good to be the king. #
  • up early, headache in stereo #
  • @phil_hellmuth easy there, big guy. time to call it an evening/morning, no? in reply to phil_hellmuth #
  • @shanehinton i took a nap-break from the twitter. that is all. in reply to shanehinton #
  • seriously considering: picnic, lightning #
  • and add another item to the To Do list today…. #
  • is it ever too early for a BLT? #
  • @mckenziewark Novell GroupWise is neither novel nor wise. IT departments everywhere are slowly but surely killing it off for these reasons in reply to mckenziewark #
  • happy birthday James Paul Gee! (and many more! on channel 4!) #
  • 8am BLT has completely worn off. next up: hummus plate #
  • perfect storm: re-reading Bechdel’s Fun Home alongside Butler’s Gender Trouble alongside Wilde’s Importance of Being Earnest. beat that. #
  • @cksample yes, but does the nameplate read “Grand Prix”? (pronounced you-know-how…) 😉 in reply to cksample #
  • “I’m a writer of fiction struggling with a world that’s getting stranger faster than I can make strange shit up.” – @warrenellis #
  • @shawnr awesome news. and totally deserved. in reply to shawnr #
  • just consulted OED for a definition. tiny print. thin, oversized pages. magnifying glass. when’s the last time u used a physical dictionary? #
  • teabaggers lining Molalla Avenue outside Oregon City post office. well done, FauxNews! #
  • KG out for the playoffs. Boston sports media already has Chicken Little on the phone. #
  • @10rdBen bandwidth caps vary by ISP here in the US in reply to 10rdBen #
  • @CorvusE or made of beer, which is pretty much just awesome converted into liquid form in reply to CorvusE #
  • Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive. #
  • @majornelson easy on the geocities tip…microsoft will own yahoo soon enough in reply to majornelson #
  • @StephStricklen which player’s jersey? are you a Roy? Oden? in reply to StephStricklen #
  • @CorvusE Apple store? in reply to CorvusE #
  • @CorvusE yeah, i’ve always been amazed at how well it works there. and how also how easy it is to drop $1500 without blinking an eye in reply to CorvusE #
  • Rockin a brand new Rondo jersey this morning. Let’s go Cs! #
  • @shanehinton definitely electronic or ambient. Lately it’s been nin’s ghosts in reply to shanehinton #
  • @CV31 congrats on a solid season, sir. see you next. in reply to CV31 #
  • just saw @garyvee on an NFL draft promo for ESPN. say what you will, but the dude loves his Jets. #
  • @jimofbeam make sure to give some credit to Salvatore + Rush, too in reply to jimofbeam #
  • After the Cs loss this morning I’m bandwagoning the hometown team this evening. Let’s go Blazers! #uprise #

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