This Week in Tweets

  • 45 minute tee-ball meeting for the 5 year old in wind and hail. definitely not spring yet in the Pac NW #
  • oh super…got to theater just in time for kid rock propaganda music video #
  • @trixie360 gamers with kids need to do what now? in reply to trixie360 #
  • finally finished grading finals. next up: marathon session of Call of Duty W@W for double XP #
  • @jimofbeam join me? in reply to jimofbeam #
  • @jimofbeam your job is constantly getting in the way of the important stuff….boo in reply to jimofbeam #
  • N.B. online students: yes, your ability to use a computer on a consistent & competent basis really does matter. quite a lot, in fact. #
  • at the barbershop with the boys earilier: some poor kid wearing AIG soccer jersey took enormous amount of shit from the stylists #
  • @leighalexander “littleoverhypedplanet”? again, I politely yet completely disagree with that take on LBP in reply to leighalexander #
  • letter grades = the worst part of teaching. i’m so sad for students who feel compelled to grovel or throw themselves off a cliff over a C #
  • @PdxPipeline not down with DMV, but I was cool with DEQ earlier this morning. does that count? in reply to PdxPipeline #
  • wolfenstein 3D is now in the Apple App Store!!! oh. god. yes. #
  • @CorvusE clapclapclapclap in reply to CorvusE #
  • @CorvusE very glad to hear that. is it too early to start spamming you to playtest? 😉 in reply to CorvusE #
  • @richjensen Stacey Levine. every time. in reply to richjensen #
  • creeping myself out by vanity searching Facebook. and here i thought i was a special & unique snowflake #
  • just sent facebook friend requests to everyone with the name trevor dodge. dr. manhattan aint got shit on us! #
  • @wpwend42 good to know Google is keeping tabs on us to that extent in reply to wpwend42 #
  • wasting part of my friday watching Punisher: War Zone. ugh #
  • southpark seasons 1-9 available for streaming on netflix. suh-weeet. #
  • @colleencoover PS3 every time. whatchoo playing? in reply to colleencoover #
  • unintentional fast today #
  • @colleencoover LOVE that game. are you into Fallout 3 yet? #
  • @brokencosmos who are you buying hddvd from? $5 is def the right price #
  • @majornelson bummer on the gym parking lot. obviously they need to build underground in reply to majornelson #

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