This Week in Tweets

  • @bridgettedodge we do, we do. in reply to bridgettedodge #
  • @shanehinton welcome back! in reply to shanehinton #
  • @majornelson wow….impressive. easier to finance as of late too, I’ll bet. you know, the “L” word. in reply to majornelson #
  • @majornelson – Neato! Has Nelson Rodriguez seen this yet? He’s going to be totally stoked to finally get his ow … #
  • checking out all these NBA players on Twitter. none of it’s legit until Rajon Rondo is in the hizzouse #
  • trying to add @CV31 to my friends list on XBox Live. sir, if I see you playing NBA 2K tomorrow it is friggin on like donkey kong #
  • considering embarking on a twitter-only writing project #
  • Boogie. Nights. #
  • @brokencosmos amen to that. check out my homeboy Karney Hatch’s documentary on this very issue: in reply to brokencosmos #
  • how providential: downloading Oregon Trail for the iPhone in…yes…Oregon City #
  • describing @warrenellis on twitter: “i don’t need even 40 characters to make you my bitch. the extra 100 are pure pimpin.” in reply to warrenellis #
  • watching Cs vs Bulls. Chicago’s green St. Patty’s Day uniforms are, umm, complicating things for me #
  • 99 Luftballoons….*perfectly*-timed in Boogie Nights. in Watchmen….not so much. #
  • @brettwarnock what brand, sir? in reply to brettwarnock #
  • adhoc-ing childcare solution for early AM tomorrow–kindergarten canceled for the little guy…thank goodness for in-neighborhood care!! #
  • checking enrollment for my spring classes at the CC: 77 students right now, 2 sections already closed; 12 days before term even starts #
  • @jonvanausdeln yeah, but at least you have shiny new buildings and a massive underground garage nearing completion! in reply to jonvanausdeln #
  • running out the clock on my last campus appearance for winter term #
  • just stocked fridge with full case of Bridgeport IPA, getting nice + cold for tomorrow’s @firstwallrebate with @shanehinton #
  • just realizing a big chunk of the NCAA tournament is right here in Portland. what the hell is wrong with me? oh right…grading finals #
  • @leighwalton Sweet Tooth looks yummy. out…when? in reply to leighwalton #
  • prepping for this evening’s return of The Omaha Stranger #
  • @lenahuxley excellent words, all, but what about trevor, awesome, is? in reply to lenahuxley #
  • @CorvusE Watchmen = one of the most frequently stolen library books, if not the top in reply to CorvusE #
  • downloading pre-tour “sampler” MP3s from NIN, Jane’s Addiction and Street Sweeper. tiiiiight, #
  • @davenavarro6767 Chip Away is fucking awesome, sir. thank you. in reply to davenavarro6767 #
  • twittering Live Aid DVD set, disc 1 #
  • Bob Geldof + Boomtown Rats hit the stage third….Sir Geldof initially tried to sit next to Diana but they made him move down past Charles. #
  • wondering if they would made David Bowie move if he tried to sit next to Diana….thinking not #
  • all the Boomtown Rats are dressed in white…Geldof in blue button down shirt and black levis….significance? #
  • Adam Effing Ant up now #
  • Adam Ant has serious hops…..what’s his vertical leap, you think? #
  • Ultravox on stage now….mirrored Vuarnet cat eye shades + linen trenchcoat…yup, it’s 1985 already #
  • Spandau Ballet…..Wembley Stadium is in love with these dudes! #
  • here we go….Elvis Costello, goddammit #
  • Elvis Costello “All You Need Is Love” @ Live Aid = Totally Amazing #
  • Nik Kershaw now has to follow Mr. Costello….unfortunate, that #
  • Sade just took off her suit jacket and Wembly went nuts #
  • Sting + Branford Marsalis + “Roxanne” = Holy. Shit. #
  • Sting + Branford Marsalis + Phil Collins + “Every Breath You Take” = Enh. #
  • @leighwalton i blame the cultural studies folks for this gentrification stuff…damn you all for having something intelligent to say! in reply to leighwalton #
  • say what you want about Howard Jones, but the dude totally destroys on the piano. wow. #
  • @leighalexander Seattle is so passe, Leigh. Come to Portland. 😉 in reply to leighalexander #
  • U2 was introduced to the Wembley stage in London by Jack Nicholson at RFK Stadium in Philly? #
  • U2’s performance of “Bad” @ Live Aid = stadium rock’s apex #
  • @leighalexander Brooklyn may have you and Paul Auster, but Portland has Powells City of Books. Checkmate. in reply to leighalexander #
  • @NelsonRodriguez ummm, using Windows probably? 😉 in reply to NelsonRodriguez #
  • @NelsonRodriguez an easy fix in that case, sir. go here, follow the instructions: in reply to NelsonRodriguez #
  • @CorvusE a growler of stout? …from? way too many excellent choices in your neighborhood, too in reply to CorvusE #
  • @neilhimself plz regale us with a quick memory about kathy acker, sir? i miss her. in reply to neilhimself #
  • Stringer Bell is on The Office! #

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