This Week in Tweets

  • 4 unsuccessful hrs on the “Burn ’em Out” level on CoD WaW = congrats, Treyarch: I totally quit your single player campaign. #
  • @JasonCalacanis good luck at the final table! play soft on A 10 in reply to JasonCalacanis #
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average meets vintage Springsteen: goin down down down down goin down down down down #
  • Oregon suicide/drug/alcohol help lines received 71% more calls in Jan 2009 than Jan 2008 #
  • @leighalexander Far too fond of the semicolon; I average at least two per paragraph. in reply to leighalexander #
  • Grapes: red or green? Which and why? #
  • true bliss: coming home late to discover your children thought enough about you to Tivo the Cs game. you neither remembered nor had to ask. #
  • Hitler on YouTube: “Why would I spend money for tickets to a squidless Watchmen movie? It’s like paying a hooker for housecleaning.” #
  • Dear R.Ebert: what you love about the Watchmen film (its characters) are rooted in the comic, not *your* beloved medium. READ IT already!!! #
  • “Imagine if Joyce + Pynchon had a conversation about comics, and someone transcribed it. That’s Watchmen.” #
  • well hey lookee here: a Blazers game on real, no-foolin live TV! #
  • NM on the Blazers game…new Office! #
  • @netwurker absolutely! and so glad to finally get you on the show, too….a fitting way, for sure in reply to netwurker #
  • @netwurker yeah, next time i’ll be sure to have twhirl running….shawn is @shawnr in reply to netwurker #
  • Cs vs The LeBrons. one more time, with feeling. #
  • @shanehinton love/hate, right? in reply to shanehinton #
  • @shanehinton BOOM as in Sonic Boom, right? you’ve always struck me as a Guile guy 😉 in reply to shanehinton #
  • @shanehinton @netwurker ah man, and I swore I saw that KitKat site was loading Beyonce for me. boo. in reply to shanehinton #
  • @davidcarlton PS3…must get, sir! in reply to davidcarlton #
  •  protesting the last three U2 albums by re-purchasing Achtung Baby on iTunes….yeah, that’ll show em #
  • too tired to sleep now….dammit #
  • Cheesin it up with the boys Chuck-E style #

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