Nice interview with Jamie S. Rich up now at Newsarama:

NRAMA: A long-talked about project that’s close to coming out is You Have Killed Me with artist Joelle Jones. Can you refresh our memory on this book?

JSR: It’s a project that Joëlle suggested while she was drawing 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. She said she wanted to do something in the hardboiled tradition, something that drew on our appreciation for detective fiction and film noir. It’s a 1930s crime story starring our own gumshoe, Antonio Mercer. He’s hired to find a rich woman who has disappeared a matter of days before her wedding. The wrinkle, though, is that she used to be his fiancee, he grew up rich, and the family has turned to him hoping he will understand how she thinks in ways that someone who doesn’t know her wouldn’t.

You Have Killed Me

It’s typically existential for me, and very true to its origins. At the same time, from a narrative standpoint, I tried to put my own wrinkle on it. I was always a little shy about genre before this, thinking I couldn’t follow the rules properly. You Have Killed Me taught me that I could bend genre to my will as much as I had to bend to its demands.

Joëlle’s work on the book is phenomenal and well worth the wait. She drew a lot of it concurrently with Token, and I think having so much work made her a better artist and she’s really brought all those muscles she developed to You Have Killed Me. She’s been doing all the tones by hand, using old fashioned zip. It looks astounding. Every line she draws makes me wish I was a better writer, because I think I’m going to get a bunch more of those “is she really going out with him” reviews where they wonder why she’s not collaborating with a scribe more deserving. Trust me, I wonder, too. I worship the paper she inks on.

Personal aside: While wonderful, the above excerpt fails to fully capture just what amazing people Jamie and Joelle are. The fact they’re so damn talented too is just icing on the cake.


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