Tiffany Lee Brown in The Oregonian

A wonderful, revealing portrait of my homegirl Tiffany Lee Brown and her always-amazing art projects is here in today’s Oregonian. Excerpt:

She liked to think of herself as a brave artist and writer. “But I’m not the brave writer and artist all the time: I’m just me. When my friends talk on the phone about the details of raising their babies, when I hear their little ones playing in the background, I don’t tell them how painful it is for me. I don’t tell them it breaks my heart when their toddler gets on the phone and greets me by name. I don’t tell them how much I miss being able to hug their child and swing him around the room until he shrieks, delighted and dizzy. Instead the conversation is over. I cry, because I’m not that brave.”

Sometimes, though, the answers we get are not the ones we expect: The letter from a stranger that arrives in the mail, thanking you for ending her overwhelming sense of loneliness; the tea you pour for strangers, served alongside your mother’s gingersnaps; the fairy tales you spin for your stepdaughter in the dark.

The sad but beautiful truth is that we cannot know what we leave behind.


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