Comics & Lit 2009: Ep 002

Here’s the recording from our second class meeting, in which we discussed Scott McCloud’s landmark text Understanding Comics. We also managed to sneak in a very brief digression on zombie comics and film at the end of class, helping set up our reading of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s first trade collection of The Walking Dead series.  This is a great group of students and I’m already looking forward to seeing what they have to say next week.

However, listening to this last night before I uploaded it this morning made me realize just how rusty I still am leading a 2-hour lecture/discussion class.  There are several moments in here where I’m clearly mealy-mouthed, talking too fast, and just using the wrong words. At one point I confused Socrates with Sophocles, for chrissakes.  I have to lecture on Freytag and Poe later tonight in my fiction writing class, and am really hoping I’m able to get my game back; that class is 4 hours long.


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