Here is why you buy AppleCare

I have a 1st gen MacBook, purchased in June of 2006.  With my educator’s discount, the AppleCare extended warranty cost me an extra $183 on top of the [also-discounted] purchase price.  I have punished this machine over the past two years, and it has held up pretty well all things considered; it is not only the primary machine I’ve used, it is quite truly the only machine I’ve used, traveling everywhere I went, constantly being docked and undocked from my campus facilities, and running oftentimes for weeks at a time without being power-cycled.  It has been dropped, kicked, thrown, cussed, and made witness to some very unsavory things that would emotionally scar a human being pretty much for life.

I’ve been hobbling along with no onboard wireless for a few months now, but last week the ethernet port conked out on it and that was pretty much all she wrote; I could no longer connect to access my online courses and none of the campus printers accept a USB connection.  After purchasing one of the new aluminum unibody machines on Wednesday, I transferred my vital files over from the old machine and took it in to see what the Geniuses could do with it.

Here’s what they fixed and replaced:

That’s right: spending an extra $183 two years ago saved me over $1200 in repairs this afternoon when I picked up the machine from the Washington Square Apple store.  I friggin love you, AppleCare.


4 responses to “Here is why you buy AppleCare

  • Becca

    Nice to know it’s good for something.

    I have an ibook G4 that I got in winter of ’04. I’ve replaced the power adapter 4 times if I remember correctly, and even though the clerks at Macforce acknowledged that this is an extremely common problem with the model, they said that it fell under “normal wear” and was not covered.

    I did receive a postcard in the mail the other day about a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. I fear it may not help me since I did not save my receipts, but I hope they will be held accountable for this in the future at least.

  • trevor

    That sucks, Becca. And it’s weird, too, because I had a power adapter go kerplunk on the aforementioned MacBook and the Apple peeps replaced it with no fit or fuss.

  • Becca

    Really? Where did you take it? I will have to investigate this further….

  • trevor

    I had the adapter replaced at the Pioneer Place store in Portland. The Washington Square store in Tigard is also excellent for customer service.

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