Plethora of Podcasts

Between teaching, grading and sleeping, looks like my blogging has suffered lately due to these infernal podcasts.  Damn you, Zoom H2 recorder and sexy sexy new laptop!

Here’s a podcast dump:

First Wall Rebate, Episode 008: Responding to Spore and Little Big Planet, Shane and I discuss user-created content and how it relates to questions of ownership and authorial distribution. We also drool over our new MacBooks, get excited about unnamed upcoming guests, and talk over the haunting sounds of barking dogs.

ENG199 CourseCast, Episode 4: We made a quick sketch of Liberal Humanism and the paradigm shift in literary criticism following the Cambridge School critics. (Oct 21)

ENG199 CourseCast, Episode 5: The underlying assumptions of Structuralism. This one hurts a little. (Oct 28)


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