Blog Action Day: Because Poverty Sucks

Today is Blog Action Day on The Internets and here’s my 3 cents on poverty:

I teach at a community college in Oregon City, OR. The students who attend classes here are uniformly working class, frequently juggling two or even three/four jobs along with a full class load. A lot of these students have direct, daily experience with poverty despite the fact that they are bright and hard-working people. Their jobs are not glamorous nor well-paying, and far too many of them have been recently laid off from their not glamorous nor well-paying jobs. Their families are loving and supportive, and are all trying their best to do what they can to help one another get to the next month/semester. A great number of them are active in the military yet cannot afford home internet service, textbooks and/or a second-hand computer to do their work. A few of them are so desperate for health care benefits that they take to forging instructors’ signatures just to enroll in already-full classes that will allow them to keep their coverage because a federal assistance program will drop them immediately.

I am not exaggerating or making this up. So just stop right there. Poverty is absofuckinlutely inexcusable. We all bear the responsibility for it, and we all must do something. Right now.

For starters, here are 88 things you can easily do to curb poverty on this planet. If you live in the USA, you love having choices anyway. Try at least one of these things tonight.

Be the difference. Because poverty sucks.


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