ENG199 Podcast: Take One

Here is the audio recording I made of our first class meeting in Intro to Literary Criticism today, in which we endured the course syllabus, bumbled through setting up a WordPress account, and discussed what we think we mean when we say “literature” and “criticism”. A great start, all in all.

This inaugural course podcast also gave me the chance to test out my sexy new digital recorder.  I’ve been using an old Olympus DS330 that had been kicking around my department for a few years before I arrived there, and this morning I finally replaced it with a SDHC-ready Zoom H2.  Needless to say, there is absolutely no comparing the two devices; the H2 has onboard gain control and multi-positioning stereo microphones to pick up even the meekest voice hunkering in the back of the room.

(And this, most certainly, is more than enough gadget pr0n/infomercial from me for quite a while…how embarassing.)


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