Another term, another course blog

Fall classes finally start up at the CC next week, and one of the courses I’m teaching reprises the introductory literary theory joint I ran last year.  This time around the course pivots on Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, and yet again I’ve created a public blog to facilitate part of the analysis and discussion.  I’ll be recording the class lectures and making them available as MP3 podcasts, then finally archiving the whole shibang here on my personal site. Students or otherwise interested visitors are more than welcome to contact me with questions/comments.


2 responses to “Another term, another course blog

  • Bob Whaley

    Hello Trevor,

    I greatly enjoyed meeting and conversing with you Saturday at Word Camp. I was sorry that I did not get more time to talk about Cormac and other favorite authors of yours and mine.
    Frankenstein has always been a favorite of mine and I will be following whatever material you choose to present on your blogs with great interest. I am a little backed up in my own required reading at the moment, but I intend to squeeze Mary Shelley in by the end of the week. I usually try to reread Dracula as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide during the lead up to Halloween at least every two years, not that they really have anything to do with the holiday.

    Nice meeting you and I will look forward to your lectures.

    Bob Whaley

  • trevor

    I, too, enjoying chatting with you on Saturday and meeting your lovely wife. Hope your trip back up to Seattle was safe and smooth.

    I just added your blog to my RSS crawl…looking forward to reading your new posts. Thanks for dropping a comment!

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