Dear University of Idaho,

“Legacy of Leading” my hairy old ass:

Now that you’ve decided to use this politically inappropriate (not to mention grossly misinformed) propagandistic garbage on the landing page of your website, you can officially Fuck Right Off now.  Tell your alumni office to quit panhandling me because I’m never giving another dime.



Pissed off,



9 responses to “Dear University of Idaho,

  • Shawn

    I can’t believe they’d put that up. And so soon?!? What’s next, Photoshopping her into a diverse array of UI students? hah!

  • trevor

    I know, I know….the timing and placement just stinks.

  • Eric

    Umm, gross. Had no idea UI did this, but it doesn’t surprise me. Now I have another reason to tell the money solicitors I won’t give them anything (besides “After I pay off my student loans THEN I’ll donate…”). 😀

  • lena

    So glad I go to the UW, they could not get away with doing such a thing. By god, the students would have that taken down in a matter of hours.

  • the lid

    i much prefer social fascism in german. the pta smile and propoganda lip service accompanied by big hair just doesn’t have the same finesse as german speech and snappy nazi outfits.

  • W. Lane Startin

    Muah. I posted this link over at Julie Fanselow’s Red State Rebels. That’ll teach them.

    I note that this is no longer at for some odd reason …

  • trevor

    Heh. Lane’s right…..they totally scrubbed Sarah Palin from the landing page image queue. Weasels.

  • Julie in Boise

    Hey, Trevor, I have finally found the blog of my Facebook friend with the best and most creative profile pix. w00t!

    I was writing up something for my Ohio U alumni list serv, about all the craploa about Palin. I went to the U of I site to get a link, and I was (not all that) surprised to see it gone.

    I’m sure that a lot of Idahoans who jumped up and down at her selection are having serious second thoughts.

    Lane, thanks for sending me over here.

  • trevor

    Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. And also for your important work over at Red State Rebels. I’ve been a lurking fan over there for quite a while.

    Yeah, it’s very telling that the U of I website pulled her image from the main queue of PR images. I immediately wrote an angry email to both the alumni and president’s office, and I’m sure a fair number of others did the same thing. No written response yet, but if I do hear back from them I will post it here.

    Keep up your excellent work at RSR and for the LaRocco campaign. He has a real chance to upend Sali but it sure aint gonna be easy.


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