Wordle Up

I just stumbled across Wordle, an incredibly cool web 2.0 thingamabob that automagically renders text into “word clouds” like the one you see above.  Wordle uses an algorithm to produce these images, wherein the more a word appears in a given selection of text, the larger that word appears in the end “cloud”. Wordle’s parser not only handles chunks of text typed/copied/pasted into its Ajaxy interface, but will also decode URLs and RSS feeds as well.  I made the image above by feeding Wordle the index page for this website.

I found Wordle via DailyKos, where users had posted some word clouds generated from recent speeches at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  Here, for example, is one made using the text from Bill Clinton’s appearance last night:

And here’s a cloud made by an anonymous Wordle user just a few minutes ago, using text from a (translated) speech by Adolf Hitler:

I already know I’m going to burn a lot of time I really don’t have fiddling around with this. I’ll have a Flickr set rolling here soon, no doubt.


6 responses to “Wordle Up

  • lena

    I found out about this a few weeks ago and I just about went nuts on it. I Wordle’d my blog, my boyfriends blog, Three Imaginary Girls (Seattle Indie Music Org), the American Red Cross website, a transcript of a speech made by President Bush (which ended up being hilarious).

    Whoever created Wordle is a genius. I think.

  • trevor

    Agreed….it’s beyond fabulous.

    You found out about this before me, though?….you could have at least given me a heads-up. Supdat?

  • lena

    I’m sometimes afraid to admit to others just how nerdy I am.

    For example: I’ve a confession to make,

    I’m going to PAX.

    Next time, though. I will make an effort to show you just how awesome all the things I run across are 😉

  • Trevor

    completely jealous that you’re attending PAX this weekend. Shane and I were just bemoaning not being able to go….score first wall rebate some swag, yeah? oh and kick major nelson in his fancy pants for me too

  • lena

    Day two is over. I have so much to say (i’ll blog tomorrow when I stop sounding like a fangirl). Such good swag. Beta code for you 😀 for a game I’m pretty sure you want.

    Castlecrashers is amazing.

    Oh yeah, I also really enjoyed Fallout3.

  • trevor

    Looks/sounds like it’s been a great show so far. Would you be so bold to record an MP3 with your thoughts about PAX for Shane & I to use on FWR?

    If you are on XBox Live, you need to tell me immediately. Like five seconds ago.

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