The Upsidedown hits the streets

Just got this from Sarah Jane of The Upsidedown:

The digital release of “Human Destination” has just been made available on iTunes and emusic! We hope that you can give it a listen. And if you like it PLEASE spread the word… we’ll need to load up on a lot of gas in September opening for The Dandy Warhols on a tour of the U.S.A and Canada… in other words we could use the help. ($) 🙂 The record has something for everyone (as they say) we just found out it got air play on NPR so it must be true.


iTunes + emusic

“Human Destination” Video in High Resolution also on YouTube.


The Upsidedown opened a gig here in Portland last month for The Jesus and Mary Chain and received some good reviews for their live groove. If you’re still hip to The Dandys, you’ll definitely want to check their show out this fall when it rolls into a ‘burg near you. At least give their MySpace page some love already, yeah?


4 responses to “The Upsidedown hits the streets

  • lena

    I actually saw the Upsidedown a few months back. They opened for the Dandy Warhols (a band I truly wish to see again).

    They all looked totally drunk on stage. The Upsidedowns. Not the Warhols.

  • trevor

    Yeah, but The Dandys are frequently drunk in a different way. I went to a Built to Spill show right after I moved to Portland and the venue was SRO. On the way in there was a dude from The Dandys carrying on outside about how the bouncer wouldn’t let him in even though he didn’t have a ticket and wasn’t on the guest list. “I’m in the Dandy Fucking Warhols!!!!” he kept yelling. “We just played here last month, motherfucker!!”

  • lena

    Sounds like the Dandys. 🙂 I wonder if it was Mr. Taylor-Taylor

  • matthew

    Drunk on life is my bet. THE UPSIDEDOWN rock and their new record is stunning. They could be drunk as skunks for all I care. My guess is that they are drunk ON skunk if anything. Whatever it is they put on a great show.

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