FWIW, this blog is no longer tied to the domain name ‘’.  Before I got a chance to renew it with Hostway (my former domain hosting service as of midnight last night), they had already released the name back into cyberspace and a search engine squatter quickly snapped it up.

So the three or four of you who may have this humble little blog bookmarked as “”, please use this URL for the time being:  I registered the domain “” a few years ago in case something like this happened; perhaps I’ll finally move andn park this blog there in the near future.


2 responses to “fka

  • Anonymous

    do I have to worry about

  • trevor

    I am checking on that and will let you know. Hostway not only gave away my other domain name but they deactivated the management account I was using to oversee both domains. I believe yours is set to expire next year but I am trying to get them to reinstate the management account long enough for me to verify that info.

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