Twinkle broke my iPhone


4 responses to “

  • trevor

    for real for a little while but now all better.

    are we going on our movie date or what, lady?

  • lidia

    i’m sorry. i’m being a loser. i feel like an itty bitty baby who needs to curl up in a crib and hide and suck my thumb.

    this happens when i do things that are ultra public.

    that “show” of a self i put on?

    it’s costly as fuck.

    i gotta work on that some more (some more as in more than the 8 years of therapy i’ve already cha-chinged)…

  • trevor

    Don’t apologize because it’s totally fine. That kind of stuff exhausts me too. I had to decompress most of Monday and Tuesday and I didn’t do shit all weekend.

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