Clackamas Literary Review XII

Volume 12 of Clackamas Literary Review is available now via  I co-edited this latest issue with colleagues Andy Mingo and Sue Mach, with big support from our intern Heather Frazier. I am particularly happy with both the quality and variety of pieces, and that gorgeous cover art by Ken Nguyen.

Full list of contributors:

Josh Ahrens
Kate Rose Bast
Becky Browder
Daniel Buckwalter
Sandra M. Castillo
Dani Clifton
Diane Comer
Lois Parker Edstrom
Rebecca Foust
Gary Glauber
Carl Graham
James Grinwis
Kyla Hanington
Holli Hunt
Jim Irons
Harry Johnson
Rob Lavender
Barb Lundy
Michael Maschio
Ron McFarland
Alyson Mead
Walter Michka
Rachel Newcomb
Shelagh Powers
Sarah Rosenthal
Anne Lesley Selcer
David Shattuck
Avery Slater
David Starkey
N. Toerrho
Lidia Yuknavitch


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