Dear Bill Plaschke,

You wrote this just a few hours ago, after the Lakers were handed their asses yet again by a vastly superior Celtics team:

Speaking of bad, yeah, the guy who began the series being carried off the floor and placed into a wheelchair was the Series MVP, an award that Pierce should place next to his Oscar.

Seriously, sir, give Paul Pierce his due and stop making an ass of yourself by saying shit like this. Pierce has played 10 years in the league and spent a lot of that time being ignored completely by the national media. He deserves the award more than anyone in recent memory, and dominated in this playoff run in a manner not seen since a certain player wearing #23 for an NBA team hailing from somewhere called Chicago, IL. You’ve wasted a lot of ink lately comparing Kobe Bryant to That Certain Player, which is a damn shame, really, because in characterizing Pierce’s efforts in Game 1 as so much melodrama you demonstrated just how ignorant you are.

Ignorant, of course, of The Truth. You may not recognize him sans wheelchair, but he’s this guy:

Scoreboard, straight up.



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