2 responses to “GINO TIME!!!

  • Rafsan

    Congrats. The Cs were obviously the much better team.

    But did KG really have to act totally insane in the post game interview?

    Lets go Okahoma City!! oh ..wait..

  • trevor

    Thanks, dude. 22 years in the making. Man was it sweet last night but I wouldn’t say worth the wait.

    I watched all of the postgame stuff on ABC and then flipped over to Comcast New England for a couple more hours of locker room cuts and homer studio banter and KG didn’t ever stop with The Crazy through the champagne, photo session and assorted hoopla.

    I thought a bit more about that this morning and I think what we saw with Michele Tafoya right after the game was Garnett letting loose that talented yet terrified high school kid from deep down inside him, and it just came racing out totally unfiltered. One of the Cs bloggers this morning described it as “speaking in tongues” and while that’s probably pushing into religious territory way too much, it’s an apt description for what happened to KG when he exhaled and let all that pressure and criticism go.

    Pierce handled his MVP lap better, of course, but I’m sure the same feelings were coursing through him, being largely ignored on a bad team for so long and having to play Robin to Antoine Walker’s wiggly version of Batman. I got real serious again about the Cs in 1995-96 and put a lot of faith in that Antoine character because there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot else to do; those were bad bad times. When Pierce showed up we knew he was talented and could score and had “upside” but Antoine was still the focus of almost everything; I’m sure that was a huge part of the big sigh of relief Pierce blew out when he held the crackerjack box mini-me trophy up last night, exorcising the stench of Rick Pitino out of the city once and for all.

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