Kobe Bryant: Most Venomous Pissant

Apparently there are new qualifications to be named Most Valuable Player in the NBA this year that the league forgot to relay to everyone else. Not only do you have to be a rapist/serial philanderer, but you have to literally quit on your team in arguably the most important game of the season and then categorize your team’s performance as “wetting the bed” in the post-game press conference.

Bill Plaschke of the LA Times has the money quotes this morning (and when Plaschke is jumping off the Kobe gravytrain, well, there aint a whole hell of a lot to say):

You know how Los Angeles fans are famously criticized for leaving games early. Add Kobe Bryant to their list. He walked off the court with three seconds remaining as the Lakers were bringing up the ball for a final shot. It was a most egregious act for a most valuable player.

Interesting that none of the live coverage on ABC or post-game on ESPN mentioned this…apparently the NBA’s public relations disaster embodied by Kobe “Formely Known As #8” Bryant rolls on.

Also, I’m holding my breath to see if poor little Sasha Vujacic‘s body doesn’t wash up in San Pedro before Game 5 tips on Sunday. Kid just might have bought and smoked his last carton of Pall Malls.


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