Greatest. Comeback. Ever.

Sure, the NBA is rigged, but the good guys won one tonight.

Down 20 points in the 3rd quarter and come all the way back to win by 6. In L.A. Against Kobe The Raper…err Ripper.

Speaking of which, quote of the night came from Mr. Bryant in his post-game press conference:

“We just wet the bed.”

Great game for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce tonight. Eddie House and James Posey were huge off the bench. (Please please please find a way to keep this team together next year, Mr. Ainge…)

3 down, only 1 to go. I’m still predicting Cs win it in six games, but Kobe is perfectly capable of shooting the Lakers completely out of the game (and series) on Sunday.


3 responses to “Greatest. Comeback. Ever.

  • David

    Go Celtics! Think it will go 7?

  • trevor

    No. It will go a max of 6 games. Seeing how the Lakers crumpled tonight with such a huge lead and almost gave away Game 3 a few days ago, it’s entirely possible the series will end in L.A. on Sunday.

  • David

    Yeah thats is very possible seeing how Kobe is really the only person leading his team, basically its the same thing I saw with Cleveland with good ole labron james leading his team scoring almost all there points, while the celtics, have grant, rondo,pierce, and big boy, i think we got a championship team here

    Oh by the way visit my site and tell me what u think

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