best banner ad ever

Just saw this Converse banner ad up at CelticsBlog and had to snag it for myself.

If I’m not mistaken, Converse is running a similar ad right now in the LED balcony ring during Celtics games at Boston’s TDBanknorth Garden, except the shoe is Larry Legend’s classic black Weapon Hi:

(Tangentially: I spent most of the mid and late 90s scouring eBay for a vintage pair of these Bird/McHale kicks to no avail. When Converse started selling these again, I went nuts and bought backup pairs for my backup pairs….ahh, sweet sweet nostalgia)


One response to “best banner ad ever

  • danny schollän

    Hello. I see this beautiful boots in the net and search it, but i found this not to buy. Can somebody help me, theese boots to find in size 45? All that roundlickt and eggformed futuristic Boots makes me so angry. Converse Weapon hi are so nice in black and white. Thank you. Danny

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