3 to go

The Motha-effin-Truth handed the Lakers their asses tonight.  Amazing performance by #34.


2 responses to “3 to go

  • Shane Bertou

    Paul-freaking-Pierce. When he went down in a heap the entire season flashed before my eyes. That standing ovation he received coming back onto the court was electric! Think he wants this one much?

  • trevor

    Absolutely. The guy is a warrior. When they showed him wheeling through the tunnel in a wheelchair I wondered right out loud if that wasn’t the end of Paul’s career we had just witnessed, and what a terrible shame that would be for him to finally get to the finals in a Cs uniform only to be packed off the court and never to return. I will ABC its due for milking that scene of him coming back onto the court for all it was worth….watching him bounce back through the tunnel and seeing the crowd explode when he hit the light was awesome.

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