Games & Lit 2008 Podcast #2

This second podcast was recorded on the second class meeting (8 Apr), and covers some of the baseline arguments and key theorists in the narratology/ludology debate; here’s the reading list students were asked to finish beforehand:

McKenzie Wark, “Agony”
Pat Harrigan & Noah Wardrip-Fruin, “Introduction to First Person”
Eric Zimmerman, “Narrative, Interactivity, Play, and Games: Four Naughty Concepts in Need of Discipline”
Espen Aarseth, “Genre Trouble”
James Wallis, “Making Games that Make Stories”
Greg Costikyan, “Games, Storytelling, and Breaking the String”

I used another Keynote presentation to structure and pace the discussion.

You can subscribe to my RSS feed here to snag the podcasts as I post new ones. If anyone reading this is interested in the course syllabus or Keynote slides, I am more than happy to share them. Just email me:


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