Games & Lit 2008 Podcast #1

I’m teaching a comparative literature course this term at Clackamas CC exploring the narratology/ludology debate. I offered this course for the first time one year ago and learned a lot by recording every class meeting and making public MP3s. A few of you here have expressed interest, so I’ve decided to serve up this year’s recordings as well.

This first podcast was recorded on the first class meeting (1 Apr), and cuts in immediately after we went over the course syllabus. The lecture/discussion meanders between defining basic demographics and laying the groundwork for understanding basic terms of the narratology debate. I used an A/V presentation in Keynote to structure and pace the discussion.

You can subscribe to my RSS feed here to snag the podcasts as I post new ones. If anyone reading this is interested in the course syllabus or Keynote slides, I am more than happy to share them. Just email me:


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