Wark and Galloway go to War

McKenzie Wark has posted a few pictures on Facebook of himself and Alexander Galloway playing Guy Debord’s The Game of War.  The pieces and board they’re playing with are the original metal designs Debord and his partner Alice Becker-Ho made 30 years ago. Debord and Becker-Ho spent over 20 years adapting Clausewitzian theories about battlefield communication into the rules and gameplay for The Game of War, and Debord came to regard the game among his most important projects.


And here’s the part of the post where I’m going to gush 110% Theory Fanboy: to be able to play the game on one of the original sets would be amazing, but to watch two of the most nimble minds/articulate mouths in new media theory play would be doubly so. (What a brotha wouldn’t give for a podcast right here.)


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