Dear New Media’s April Fool Jokes,

You really have to stop with all your lameness. The past 24 hours have seen Veronica Belmont “interview” a photoshopped Steve Jobs on Mahalo Daily, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer defect to Google, and the UK flavor of YouTube set all their featured videos on Rickroll. And it’s not because those aren’t really!funny! gags that we can see coming a mile away, but that they buoy the mainstream media’s evergreening lameness in getting in on the fun.

See, when Hillary Clinton uses CNN bandwidth to break off some of that April Foolery, it’s way past time to stop:

But you couldn’t help yourselves, and that gave Ryan Seacrest all the space he needed to sneak in this groaner before the clock struck midnight.  I effing hope you’re proud of yourselves now.

We know American Idol isn’t going away anytime soon, so can we agree on this? Pretty please?



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