Happy War-niversary!

I know, I know. We agreed not to get each other anything this year, but when I saw that 4,000th U.S. military death in the window I just couldn’t help myself.

Happy fifth, honey. Here’s to at least ninety-five more.


6 responses to “Happy War-niversary!

  • reportanddeport

    I see your picture of the soldier aiming a rifle at a woman. Now that is good propaganda for stooges who will believe anything you say, and it certainly is preaching to your own choir that American troops are murderers, but it’s not really much to go on to explain to people that the Iraq War is somehow bad. I don’t entirely agree with the war, but I do like the idea of fighting and killing Muslim terrorists wherever they may kill innocents. Although I would have conducted this war differently, it never-the-less is a “People’s War”, considering the fact that all the American soldiers participating in it are volunteers. I really have no problem with Americans opposing the war, and I’d love to see them go to Iraq to negotiate with the terrorists. Maybe you can go personally, and express your apologies on behalf of the American people to Muqtada Al-Sadr. Take your activism to the next level and put your life on the line like our brave, American heroes.

  • lidia

    like i keep having to tell you, we’re BUSY. we have the american idol election for chrisakes. now pass me the popcorn.

  • trevor

    Good points all, reportanddeport. There’s more than a bit of a problem, though, with your categorization of the current clusterfuck in Iraq as a “People’s War.” Unless, of course, you have a very short list of “People” in mind (the names Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Kristol are certainly on that list, no? ‘cuz I don’t remember any ballot I cast in 2003 that asked me whether or not to send that–yes–brave volunteer army into harm’s way….do *you*?)

    I will totally concur with you on that “brave” part, for sure. See, I teach in a community college, and I’ve worked with a lot of active national guard and former soldiers/marines. They are all amazing and wonderful people, and they are almost always leveraging their labor and service so they can afford a college education.

    And see, that’s the part that really burns through me: when my working class students who pay their tuition by serving this country honorably are pulled away from their families, jobs and educations to fight a rich man’s war of choice, well sir, I have a big fucking problem with that. The people fighting this war *are* brave; for a great many of them, that is truly *all* they have.

    And if saying all of the above results in yet another tired, kneejerk “Love It Or Leave It!” mantra from the Vietnam era, I believe there’s an appropriate and timely quote here from that King of Philosopher-Kings, Mr. G.W. Bush:

    Bring it on.

  • amingox

    Hey reportanddeport,

    I’ve got your “people’s war” right here. Come and get some.

  • hollywithaneye

    Well said, Trevor.

  • lidia

    the “people’s war?”
    um, are you being serious?
    how is an invasion re-labeled as war invented from the shriveled peanut minds of cheney, bush, wolf-o-wizard and rummy WAY BEFORE 911 a “people’s war?”

    here’s an alternative “tour” you might think about taking–the full roll of photos from abu ghraib. it includes some nice shots of iraqi women being butt raped, and also forced to suck a circle of soldier cocks.


    i guess those weren’t the brave ones, huh.

    the best salute and love i can show for the humans who have been sent to hell is to bring them home. they were sent for bad reasons. very bad reasons. it’s criminal what we’ve done to the soldiers. now the brave thing is to step up and do for them what they’ve done for us.


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