Diana Schutz = awesome.

I met up with Diana Schutz this afternoon in Milwaukie, where we talked shop on teaching comics courses and had a killer lunch. Later she gave me a tour of Dark Horse’s nerve center and showed me some effing mind-blowing original artwork by the likes of Jack Kirby, Stan Sakai, Matt Wagner, Frank Miller and Lynne Varley.  I’m not entirely sure it all really happened, but I can certainly say there’s no better way to spend an otherwise cold and gloomy January day than with one of the comic biz’s best.


3 responses to “Diana Schutz = awesome.

  • zoot

    does it occasionally surprise you that you get to make a profession of your hobby? a la comics and reading and writing and all that?

    I think it’s super-fab.

  • trevor

    It does, it does. One of these days I’ll be found out as the total poseur that I am, but until then I’m riding it all the way.

  • David Schutz

    Both our names are “Schutz,” and my family roots are to Milwaukee. This is a longshot, but would your great-granfather’s name be August or Julius?

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