it must have slipped our minds

Our current landlords haven’t paid their mortgage since July. Last month we found a Notice of Default masking-taped to our front door from the mortgage company. Last week, they issued a Notice of Trustee’s Sale. Today, the foreclosure websites picked up the listing. First official acknowledgment of this from said landlords?

Two hours ago, when they brought by a Notice of Eviction even though we’ve paid nearly $8,000 in rent to them over the past five months. Talk about insult to injury. When I confronted the owner about where all that money went, she simply pointed to the notice and said, “well, there you have it now” and walked away.

There you have it, indeed.

Two things I want to say here:

1) The housing market crisis you are hearing about in the news is fucking real. The people who own the house we have rented for five years are not bad people; they are small-time house flippers who got caught up in the subprime catastrophe that is inspiring another federal bailout for yet another private market boner. Unfortunately, we rent a house from them, and they have been pocketing our rent money for the past six months rather than paying a mortgage they clearly can no longer afford. Again, they are not bad people. They are simply in way over their heads and taking it out on us because they can’t see straight.

2) If not for the two consistently graceful graces in my life–my parents–my family of five would currently be for-reals-and-no-kidding homeless. Dad. Mom. I count my blessings every day that you are in my life. I love you; good God do I ever love you.


7 responses to “it must have slipped our minds

  • iamdan

    Holy crap. I’m sorry to hear this. It’s inspiring to see you maintain your sense of good will here and to hear about your saving graces. Hoping things smooth out soon.

  • rafsan

    WOW. That sucks bro. Let me know if there is anything we can do.

    Good luck and keep in touch!

    ALA Forever!

  • hollywithaneye

    I’m really sorry to hear about that. Not that it would be best to have happen at anytime, but that it has to happen at this time of year seems to add insult to injury. Why does bad shit have to happen to good people? Not just you and yours, but it seems as if your landlords are also good people made victims of circumstance.

    Hope things work out for the best soon.

  • Caitlin

    Didn’t you post an article a while ago about such going ons? Geez, its like you can read the future or something. That must make it extra funny. And, I have to say, as one partaking of the bounty that is free rent at mom’s, there is nothing like the open arms of family. I shall disagree with holly here and say that its a perfect time for this to happen because I bet you are never going to forget this christmas huh? And seriously, it will be a truly special christmas friends and family will really gather round this year. Geez Trev, you’re such a mooch.

    Take care, and be sure to knock whenever you want to use the bathroom, you never know what you’re going to get.


  • Ben

    This fucking sucks. Enough, already. We get it. Life is hard, probably meaningless, definitely unfair. We get it. I am going to change the name of my autobiography; it’s now going to be called Further Evidence Of Everything Going Exactly According To Plan. You can call yours that, too.
    My original title was LA Face, Oakland Booty. I still like that one.

  • lidia


    i hope you know we have the people’s republic of oregon outfits and armaments handy if you ever need us. and i KNOW you can picture me, andy and miles clad in revolutionary … “outfits.”

    hell we may just come over to the new place and be your personal armed body guards for a bit.

    we love you LARGE, negro.


  • zoot

    As you may know, I went through my own bout of poverty-thisclosetohomelessnessaveckids not so long ago, and managed to scrape through it with the help of MY graces, fabulous Mark and his wife, Gloria (not to mention some excessive generousity on the part of my brother as well.) Thank God for family. Sometimes I look around my house now, which I rent for far too much money, but which is a home, and warmish, and complete with a christmas tree and a couch, and tear up with gratitude for it all. “Before” I took it for granted. Now I freaking adore it, can’t get over it, can’t appreciate it and my parents enough. What a gift THAT is. (That’s not to say I don’t wish I couldn’t have learned to appreciate it without, say, mind-boggling stress, but whatever. It’s cool…)

    PS you should become Mark’s facebook friend!

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