chiasmacast #04: the precious art

A lot of martinis and beef stew went into the recording of episode #04 (and it really really shows). Here’s what Lidia Yuknavitch, Andy Mingo and myself discussed:

:: Andy wraps principal photography on The Iconographer :: Shane Hinton launches Interviews from the Edge #1 :: Modes of production in the hands of the masses :: “Field Marshal” Mingo’s crucible :: Cool Hand Luke as an ars poetica :: Lidia gets mushy over Broken Flowers :: Gus Van Sant’s recent trilogy of brilliance :: Lidia gives the sneakiest of sneak peeks of her new novel :: David Lynch’s freakazoidism :: An Inconvenient Truth :: Trevor goes little girl silly over Bioshock :: Lidia waxes philosophically about art and presence :: Andy pines for American Idols of yore ::

You can shout back by email (, or leave us voicemail through Skype (username: chiasmuspress). Don’t forget that the podcast is listed on iTunes, which makes subscribing to our RSS feed easy as pie. (And we know how much you love pie.)


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