Dear Internal Revenue Service,

Don’t tase me, bro!



3 responses to “Dear Internal Revenue Service,

  • Ben

    Stop tasing him already.
    It’s getting ridiculous, all this tasing. And why is that always your first reaction, to tase? I don’t even know what tasing is, but you? It’s the first goddamn thing with you.
    Grow the fuck up already.

  • lidiaohlidia

    we want you to know, i fucking r s-heads, we’re organizing. we’ve got the
    don’t tase me bro shirts, and we’ve got the free trevor tote bags and berets.

    we’re on to you.

    and we’re packing brains, not heat.

    word from your mothah, mothah.

  • Ben

    shot of me, fist clenched and thrust upward steely look of determination in my eyes.

    I have on my TD beret, but I am missing my tote. The revolution will have to wait. Until I find that darn tote! But when I find it, I will be packing brains AND lunch! LUNCH FOR EVERYBODY!! FREE TREVOR!!!! FREE LUNCH!!!!

    fade out.

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