Dear Big Forkful of Crow,

I suppose I deserve you, seeing that I did my Portland Sports Fan Duty and jumped so heartily upon the Trailblazers bandwagon when they not only got the #1 draft pick this year, but used it to select Greg Oden. Now that Oden’s rookie season–and perhaps his career—is over before it even started, I’m going to come correct.

But before I stuff you past my teeth for a long, long chew, allow me to complete my Portland Sports Fan obligation by officially jumping off aforementioned bandwagon and publicly chastising the franchise for not selecting Kevin Durant. It didn’t take Bill Simmons more than a few seconds to start saying I Told You So, and even though I never said that myself, I’d like to officially go on record now as saying I said that even though (again) I never said that. So here goes (*AHEM*):

I Told You suh….suh….suh… *COUGH*

Sorry about that. Had something stuck in the back of my throat that tastes like shoe leather.  And unfortunately I’m sure you, my dear big forkful of crow, will taste much the same.



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